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In 2021, Snap released the first Spectacles with displays that could show AR in real-time. I was the lead product designer from the conceptual phase in 2018 to the launch in 2021.
Spectacles Creator.png
During the early concept stages, I explored a wide range of product directions to guide critical hardware decisions and software features. I pitched these to the CEO and fine-tuned the final vision: 

"A Canvas For 3D Creators"
Spectacles AR David Meisenholder.png
I was the champion for these users throughout the hardware design process, defining a Product that empowered them while keeping a Glasses form factor.
I prioritized software features that were crucial to retain creators and drive the flywheel of building groundbreaking AR experiences.
Industry-leading SLAM, hand, marker, and surface tracking:
Full-camera field-of-view AR capture:
"Lens is a Lens" app format compatible with Snapchat on mobile:
Spectacles SLAM AR Tracking.gif
Full Camera FOV Capture.gif
Launch from Spectacles Meisenholder.gif
The result is a product that allows Creators to go out into the world, discover, and build experiences that are right for future consumers.
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