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Next Gen Spectacles are Snap's first wearable AR glasses, requiring an AR-native operating system. I was the design lead tasked with architecting Spectacles OS and focused on three key features -  Lenses, Snaps, and Scan.
Spectacles OS Flow.png


Lenses are the AR apps of Snap's ecosystem and anchor the home screen. The lens carousel lets users easily find and enter immersive experiences.
4_Lens carousel.gif
Open Lens.gif


Snaps are captures of AR + real-world. A quick swipe down takes users to a gallery where they can review their snaps and send them to friends.
9_snaps gallery.gif
8_snaps gallery action.gif


Scan combines visual and voice search. A Visual scan will identify objects in a scene and find related lenses. Voice scan uses Soundhound to search Snap's vast AR content cosystem.
Visual Scan.gif
7_voice scan.gif
After designing the core user flows, I published a UI kit and worked with a prototyper to add a horizon-locked, soft-follow dynamic across the system UI to tie it more closely to the real-world and elevate this simple interface.
lens carousel soft follow GIF.gif
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